Saturday, October 22, 2011

Some Enchanted Evening

The Halloween history dates back to 5th century B.C. in Celtic Ireland. In those days the year ended with the end of summer which officially used to end on the 31st of October. This day was called Samhain. The custom of Halloween came over to America in 1840. My Halloween dinners are always traditionally Irish or English. Last year I prepared a pork loin in a fig and port wine sauce. This year I'm planning to serve a rack of lamb with mint sauce and homemade gravy along with harvest vegetables, yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, mushy peas and colcannon which is a traditional Irish dish of mash potatoes with chopped kale, green onions with a bit of milk and lots of butter. A full bodied red wine preferably a cabernet compliments a soul-satisfying meal on a dark and stormy night. My favorite store to pick up English goodies is The Continental Shop and for wine BevMo on Wilshire in Santa Monica has a great selection and great prices. If you become a member of BevMo they will send you emails letting you know of their special monthly sales. They often have "buy one get the second bottle for 5¢" deals which can be a real saver.

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